Choosing the Ideal Online News Agency

Though we live in the Internet age, people use the Internet throughout their day-to-day life. More people get caught up in the breaking news and access the internet for local and international news. Therefore, it can be said that the internet has come to stay. Whatever the case, the online news portal have become more popular way to get to know the latest news happening currently throughout the world.

Whatever the case, what are the benefits of browsing breaking news, latest news online over traditional newspapers?

Easy Accessibility and Ubiquitous –

You can easily access online news and information on your mobile phones, laptops, tablets, PCs, anywhere and anytime. You can access to hot breaking news in night, day, in the cold morning dusk, in the wilderness, forest, and even in the thickest cities.

Free of Cost –

When you have to pay to read newspapers and other journals or print magazines, accessing hot and breaking news online is free and doesn’t cost you fortune. You only need to have internet connection and you are ready to go.

Updating Every Single Minute –

Ghana Politics

Online news gets updated every single minute in real time. This means, you can’t be out of the loop on the current news updates. You don’t need to wait for 24 hours for the latest edition of a newspaper to reach you before knowing what happens. Online news agency stands out as the ideal source for the real-time updates of breaking news.

A Single Syndicated Source –

Accessing online news agency can give you an opportunity to access different news from a single and common source. This means, you will take advantage of reading the flashing and breaking news items that are updated every single minute in real time.

You only need to remember or bookmark the news portal to enjoy breaking and hot news happening all around the world – all syndicated into a single source for your ease and convenience.

Cross Reference News from Related Source Links –

This means, you can collaborate news items by checking out related links to obtain more information regarding yourdesired topics. This serves to confirm the reliability of any breaking news piece.

Conclusion –

News Ghana is the leading online news publication for business in West Africa and around Africa. We carry news analysis, documentary, business news, and sports news throughout the world to a larger audience and focus on development issues on Africa, health and education, roads and railways, energy, transport, etc.

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The Best Way to Know Ghana Education News

It must be a necessity for one to know about Ghana Education News. The reasons may be multifaceted but the main objective should be to have the best and actual news. In order to have such a news service, you need to be with us. There are obvious reasons which make us stand apart from the other such news catering sites.

Unbiased news: This is obviously the main factor which distinguishes us from the rest. We do not put words in others mouth to make a news and to establish what we think. We actually portrait the real news and let you have a proper glimpse into the educational scenario as present in Ghana.

Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau turbaning ceremony comes off in Kano

You can read through the various laws, policies and documents which have helped to shape the educational structure which is present in today’s Ghana. Like, you can know about The Education Act of 1961, The Dzobo Report of 1973, The New Structure and Content of Education 1974, The Education Reform Program 1987/88 and The Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education Program 1996 amongst many other reports.

Easy to navigate: We have made our site such that you can easily navigate between the various news sections and easily have the access to that section about which you want to read. Being at the education section directly from the homepage you can know about various aspects of Ghana Education News.

You can know about The Ghana Education Trust Fund – GET Fund Act 2000 the initiatives have not only helped in structurally transforming the education system but also improved considerably access, quality teaching and learning, infrastructure delivery as well as management efficiency.

News to modify the education system: There may be a requirement about knowing the initiatives that need to be taken so that the education system can be modified. Our site should be the one relied on so as to know about the special initiative that the President is undertaking to enhance distance learning.

Africa public relations practitioners meet in Botswana

Best way to know where to study: You may be having the requirement to know where to study. We are the one who offers you such information. We offer you names of universities where you can pursue higher studies in Ghana. You can also know about the education system that is followed in schools and universities.

You can know that primary and middle school education is tuition-free. Students begin their 6-year primary education at age six. Under the educational reforms implemented in 1987, they go through a three-year Junior Secondary School System. This system prepares them to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) at the end of the 3rd year. Entrance to universities is by examination following completion of senior secondary school.

So, you can have a comprehensive idea about the education structure in Ghana when you are at our site.

If you desire to have such Ghana Education News along with other important news then you need to be with us at News Ghana. It is a guarantee from us that you will get the most authentic and actual news from us.

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The Best Way to Have Ghana Health News

You may be long searching for an online health magazine which will illuminate you about Health News. You may have found some but it can be said with certainty that you are not satisfied after having a look at those. Yes, it is a general experience and that is why we have made our health magazine a bit different and you will definitely like reading through it. Let us see what makes our magazine (Ghana Health News) stand out from the rest.

AAIM organises free health screening for Teberebie inhabitants.jpg

Ease of navigation: This is the biggest benefit that you can have when you are at our website with the intention to know Ghana Health News. The site is so set that you can navigate easily to the desired post and read through it without wasting a moment. Our site has various topics and health is one of them. As you select such you will have everything related to health in front of you.

Not only that you can access our site from any device that you wish to. Our site is mobile responsive and you will not face any nature navigational problem when viewing our site on handheld devices.

Full-screen experience: When you are at our site reading through the news clips, you can expect to have a full-screen experience. The videos and context are not hard to see or read as then can if you wish them in a full-screen mode.

Relevant content: The Ghana Health News that you can have from our site is the most relevant and current. The news is so assorted that you can have the latest and the happening news and have something to think about. Furthermore, we do not manipulate any news in any form. We try to bring in front of you the actual happenings so that you can know the actual news rather than an adulterated one.

Visual storytelling: It is not only words but also pictures which will help you to know news from our site. We bring forth text, visuals, video and audio together in one medium. It would be a pleasing experience for you to read through our news feeds and you will love to explore more from our site.

Frequency of publication: As our news site is online in nature it can be accessed 24*7 for 365 days. That is what happens with every online news site. So, where do we stand apart from the others? We update our site as soon something important happens. It is not that you have to wait for hours to know about some recent happenings. The frequent updating that we do makes our news site to be loved by many all over.

Donating Blood Makes One Healthy

If you wish to have such nature of Ghana Health News then you need to be with News Ghana. We make possible to have a pleasing experience while you read through our news site. You can easily subscribe and have the news in your e-mail or call us at 1-508-812-0505 or +233 234972832 if you have any nature of queries.

Why to have access to online news channel giving Ghana Celebrities News

Are you always on the move and do not have time to go through newspapers? But then also you have the wish to be associated with the current news about the world. If your condition is such then you must look for having access to the best online news channel which gives you all other news along with Ghana Celebrities News.Are you always on the move and do not have time to go through newspapers? But then also you have the wish to be associated with the current news about the world. If your condition is such then you must look for having access to the best online news channel which gives you all other news along with Ghana Celebrities News.

Why select online news channels

You may be thinking why to read news from online news channels when you can buy a newspaper while you in a move. Yes, that is definitely true, you can. But if you have a look at the advantages of reading news in an online news channel then you may change your mind. The advantages that you can have are:


• Implication of no extra cost

Even if you buy a newspaper there will be some cost implication but if you read that updated news on an online news channel then there will be no extra cost involved. You will only be requiring your mobile and an internet connection to be able to read the news

• You can do multitasking while you read the news

While you read through the news you can easily do other works. This nature of having a view of news is not possible with any other nature of media options.

• You can have more news choice

The online news channels categories their news into different sectors like politics, crime, odd news, sports, finance, investments, stock market, and entertainment. Such multifaceted news options are not possible to have on one page in any other media options available.

• It will enable you to have in-depth and background information

You can have various thoughts shared about a particular new. If you are such who wants in-depth information about a happening then the online option is the best option that you can have.

• The news is updated 24*7


If you buy a newspaper you will be able to know yesterday’s news. Isn’t it? But being a part of online news channel you can know exactly about the happening that has recently happened. The news is updated 24*7 and so you will have access to the most current happenings.

• You can have proper customization regarding the required news

You may be one who wishes to know news about world politics most. It is possible having access to online news channels that when some important events happen in world politics you will be given an e-mail alert keeping you updated about such incidents.

• It will allow you to discuss news with peers

You can easily discuss the same news with peers by saying them to be on the same site from where you are reading the news.

So, you can easily see how beneficial it are to be with such online news channels.

News Ghana is one such news channel which gives you each and every updated piece of news along with Ghana Celebrities News. The pieces of news displayed are authentic with different views shared upon each. If you wish to have access to their online news channel then you need to be at

Ghana Sports News The Best News Channel for you to get Ghana Sports Updates

Are you a sports buff and want to stay updated with latest sports happenings in Ghana? Popular sporting events in Ghana include football, boxing. Basketball, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf, and athletics and many other games organized by Ghana Sports authorities.  The sports team need a cheer from you everywhere  be it on the field, or on Social Media or on standard Sports News channels;  Who else other than Sports News in Ghana bring  the players, the interviews, Ghana sports statistics to every sports lover in Ghana!  Here is what Ghana Sports News gives you the best of Ghana Sports-

Ghana FootballSports –

2018 World Cup is just right at the door.  Ghana team is going to defend Egypt on 12th November in a Group E match at Baba Yara Stadium Kumasi. As Egypt has made to the final list, it will give a tough competition with Ghana.  Sports News channels in Ghana are already taken initiatives to high light players, game statistics and probable results.


Winter Olympic Games–

2018 Winter Olympic Games will be more interesting to Ghana sports lovers in GOC(Ghana as Ghana Olympic Committee) endorses AkwasiFrimpong who is a pioneer for Winter Sports and the best performances for Ice Race.  Ghana Sports News channels to be covering the special skeleton sports event for  cheerand pride.

Ghana Boxing Sports–

Ghana has produced many Boxing champions.  World Lightweight match between Emmanuel Tagoe vs. Argenis Mendez is just happening in next few weeks by IBO(International Boxing Organization). Ghana Sports News channels bring you the live updates for this match.


Latest Sports News & Results, breaking sports updates, video highlights and player interviews are made available to you through your preferred online sports news channels in Ghana. Ghana Sports News can be a place for Gossips and Rumors and it does help the players motivate, challenges and also brings up aplayer to be open to thepublic.

Ghana is not behind  in the Tennis Section or Athletics as well. Ghana Sports Newsis doing the coverage of all indoor and outdoor games and championships and delivers the best of best to thepublic across theworld of sports.



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A case study into Increasing views of Ghana Sports news

Ghana is a country with a rich heritage in sports. Sports are astonishing because of the large audience that enjoys watching them and the players who love competing. All sports fans of Ghana loves to read about the sporting activity and events that held within its territory. Leading online news publication always offer an appreciation that one never stop wanting to hear more and get more information. One must know everything about sports to track the challenger and the opponent team and know who will be remaining on top of the league or to appreciate the sports. Sharing one’s sporting thought and opinion with others just for fun and entertainment during sports season time can allow to communicate the passion to people around the world who share the eagerness for one’s favorite sports. As with most African nations, football is the dominant sport in Ghana.

Bringing Sports Competition

People always like to play various sports like football, hockey, baseball, and basketball. They play as they love the game. A good sports man always wants to win for sure but has to face competition. Without competition no player can have a sure Success. All Sports man cannot become a great sportsperson but can enjoy it no matter how much skill they have and it is the real beauty of a sports. Ghana Sports News is medium to inspire sports talents, broadcast the news about sports events, editorials for sports improvement analysis etc.

Watching the Ghana Sports News

There is nothing better than settling down with family in home to watch the big game during sports season. One might have the whole family with kids sitting around the TV to enjoy sporting events in a group. People cheer when the team lead and sad as the team loose. People might have good luck charms or rituals that think and pray to have a joy at winning. It is absolutely crazy, but one has to accept it because it’s sports. People always want their team to win as they are being proud of their home country or hometown. Ghana Sports News brings you the live coverage and sports analysis bulletins time to time.

Taking a Risk

Gambling takes a bad reputation in the media and possibly with good reason. For sports it’s mainly done in good fun, and makes a lot of money from it. During sporting events, plenty of different ways of gambling are being used by people. Betting may not always involve in money making but it may be also in form of kind. The risk of losing is always attached with batting and at the same time one can make a big amount of money. News Ghana takes care of the fact and ensures the message reach to public.

(JPEG Image, 300 × 293 pixels)


A big sports event will always brings the whole country together in a form of patriotism. If one wants the best example for this can take a trip to the playground during a football world cup match. One will be surprised by the number of flags that sprouts up on top of every house. The number of people wearing football shirts becomes surprising. Most of these individuals would never play or watch a game of soccer usually but when the world cup begins, suddenly they all will come into action. They are cheering for their country to win along with other sports fan around the world. Ghana Sports News covers all the Headlines & Updates, live score coverage, fixtures, player profiles to all public who view news Ghana.

Sports in Ghana

Popular sporting event of the country include football, boxing, tennis, basketball, hockey, cricket, rugby, golf, and athletics. The country has also produced several world-class boxers like three time world champion Azumah Nelson, Nana Yaw Konadu who are three time world champions. Football Association is administered by the Ghana Football Association and the national men’s football team is known as the Black Stars, with the under-20 team known as the Black Satellites has participated in many championships. Some of the best athletes represent and feel proud about Ghana in Olympics.

International Friendly: South Africa v Ghana

Sports can be the way that brings people together in the World and binds them apart. Millions of people around the world, participate in sports as it linked with reducing a chance of death risk .We hear at News Ghana try to connect our people to the past sporting events along with the upcoming events that going to be held in Ghana and in different parts of the World. We try to publish the latest news and current affairs for all section of society including business people, corporate people, and sports loving people live in Africa and around the World. Our news regarding sports, Politics, entertainment, lifestyle, classified, social affairs, press releases and health news are very much popular in Ghana and around African continent. For any latest or upcoming sports action, information, publication or advertisement please call us on our No   +233 2349 72832 or mail us at   <>

The Latest News about Ghana Politics Updated as on 29th April 2017

Are you interested to know about the latest happenings and news about Ghana politics? Then here is a brief update on the latest happenings in Ghana’s political scenario as on 29th April 2017, please have a look!


Mr. Asamoah Boateng is appointed by the President Akufo-Addo as the CEO of the State Enterprises Commission

In Brief:

Mr. Asamoah Boateng will replace Dr. Camynt Baezie and will be responsible for getting the chief executives of all SOEs. To deliver on their contracts. The SEC or State Enterprises Commission promotes an efficient and profitable operation of State Owned Enterprises by utilizing the tools of corporate planning, evaluation, monitoring, and performance contracting.


HNPP executives in Western Region asks the party youth protesting against MMDCE nominees or the MMDCE appointments to remain calm and respect the president’s decision

In Brief:

After the MMDCE appointment made by the President Akufo-Addo, many party supporters in different regions were protesting against the nominated candidates. For which, the NPP or New Patriotic Party have urged to the party youths to refrain themselves from engaging in violent demonstrations and support the nominees.


Tamale North MP blames NPP’s ‘effective deceptive campaign” for NDC’s loss

In Brief:

The member of the parliament for Tamale North- Alhassan Suhuyini has blamed the NDC or National Democratic Congress’s election defeat loss on the ‘effective deceptive campaign” by the NPP. He said that a flamboyant and well-planned election campaign by the NPP or New Patriotic Party led to NDC’s defeat. Alhassan Suhuyini said the Ghanaian people were attracted by the elaborate promises made by the NPP.


Ghana Parliament’s Director of Public Affairs is confident to resolve the UK government’s Visa fraud allegations

In Brief:

The Parliament’s director of Public Affairs, Madam Kate Addo is confident that law applies to all and will take its course regardless of someone’s position, rank and affiliation. She said the Speaker will get to the bottom of the visa fraud accusations made by the UK government. As the acting Director of Public Affairs at the Parliament of Ghana- Madam Kate Addo addressed that the honorable speaker of the parliament-Professor Mike Oquaye is investigating the entire issue and will make sure to bring the law to bear on all persons who are involved in the UK government’s visa fraud allegations (if required).

If you want to get more new and latest developments about Ghana politics, then visit this url: News Ghana is an online news website that offers the latest updates and information about Ghana sports, politics, entertainment and more.