Ghana Politics is written off by Ex President Rawlings

Former Ghana President’s allegation of his country and party people getting corrupted has seen sharp protest from all the sphere of Ghana politics. The NPP chairman, Kofi Atiemo-Gyan has taken a lead by attacking JJ Rawling’s morality as his administration was complete fail and neck dip in corruption. According to him, Rawlings could have restrained from accusing country men to be corrupted and indiscipline. No other Ghana political leader could be as corrupt and as influential as this ex president. He is involved in selling state owned properties and has executed hundreds of innocent people in the pretext of house cleaning exercise. Many of them were not even properly verified before given death sentence. All the illegal activities of Rawlings has brought local politics disgrace and made international leaders smirk at Ghana politics news.


Many other local political leaders like Atiemo-Gyan also supported Kofi and charged the ex President of encouraging corruption and bringing indiscipline into his own party and Ghana political sector.

“Rawling’s presidential tenure was more corrupted than other party governments in Ghana, Kofi said confidently.

He claimed that many associates of JJ Rawlings acquired properties and became wealthy overnight using corrupt and unethical means in the country. It marked indiscipline at its peak and took corruption to an unexpectedly high level.


In fact, some of his ministers were prosecuted legally and sent to jail for exercising their power wrongly and intentionally causing loss to the country’s finance. It was impossible for them to drive luxury cars and maintain property like rich with the amount of payment these employees got. So, an over corruptive leader like Rawlings should not talk about restoring discipline and sanity in Ghana political affairs and management.

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