Soccer Coach Avram Grant is the Top buzzed Personality in Ghana Sports News

No matter what you call other sports, no other game comes towards the worldwide passion of Soccer. As soccer is a global sports which is played in every corner of the planet. However World Cup is most-watched and popular sports event across the globe. Among all countries, Ghanaians have more likeness of watching and playing soccer. James Kwasi Appiah was the former coach of the national football team namely Black Stars who was resigned from his service on September 2014. Now former English coach Avram Grant has been appointed as new coach of Black Stars. But the salary packages and perks which are given by Ghana Football Association are still not disclosed. But according to a news source it has been said that former Chelsea coach will receive a whooping amount of money as salary. This is a bad incidence as the team Black Stars and the football association are owned by the public of Ghana.
Avram-Grant2Well friends, even the salaries of the honorable president, parliamentarians, the payments of teachers, doctors and other categories of public and civil servants are known to the people of Ghana. As a citizen of well-functioning democratic political culture, taxpayers have a right to know how their hard-earned money being spent. Also it has reported that a contractual agreement is signed between Coach Grant and GFA (Ghana Football Association). But a question arises that why does such a confidentiality clause essential and why did not they even exist in contracts signed with other former coaches prior to the arrival of Mr. Grant. Hence top spokesperson from worldwide has smirked after going through the recent Ghana sport news at Spy Multimedia Limited ( This kind of activity is not good for both the image and reputation of Ghanaian citizens. As the Black Stars is not a private enterprise, therefore Coach Grant’s salary should be non-disclosure to the Ghanaian public. Keep updated with our news agency to know about the recent occurring of Ghana.


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