Unregistered Packaged Water manufacturers to Face the Rage of FDB

Food and Drugs Authority has given warning of taking disciplinary action against the unregistered sachet and packaged water manufacturers. Mr Vigil Edward Prah-Ashun, Regional head of Ashanti has said on 27th January 2015 that the bottled water producer should either get the license by registering their products with the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) or they have to face prosecution.
(JPEG Image, 300 × 293 pixels)Again he said that these days mineral water companies are growing rapidly and operating without any certification. Such freedom of increasing rate of packaged water producers can offer injurious consequences to the locality. In an interview held by the Ghana News Agency he expressed that this type of activities won’t be permitted in the future. That consumable water product can’t be allowed to sell in market without any certification of quality and safety. If any products found without safety precautions and authorization, then they will be removed from the market right away. The main motto behind his announcement is that he wants everybody to know that the unregistered products are the criminal offense and will be punishable by law.

As water is a vital resource for the human body and it can be easily infected and become harmful, so it’s essential for the packaged water product to undergo scientific observation to ensure its safety, Mr Prah-Ashun added. In fact, FDA needs to examine whether the manufacturing processes of these water producing companies perform the best practices and meet the necessary standards. Mr Prah-Ashun again advised to the consumers that they should look for the “FDB” logo or inscription on the Ghana Standard Board on the bottled water and sachet while purchasing water products.
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