Soccer Coach Avram Grant is the Top buzzed Personality in Ghana Sports News

No matter what you call other sports, no other game comes towards the worldwide passion of Soccer. As soccer is a global sports which is played in every corner of the planet. However World Cup is most-watched and popular sports event across the globe. Among all countries, Ghanaians have more likeness of watching and playing soccer. James Kwasi Appiah was the former coach of the national football team namely Black Stars who was resigned from his service on September 2014. Now former English coach Avram Grant has been appointed as new coach of Black Stars. But the salary packages and perks which are given by Ghana Football Association are still not disclosed. But according to a news source it has been said that former Chelsea coach will receive a whooping amount of money as salary. This is a bad incidence as the team Black Stars and the football association are owned by the public of Ghana.
Avram-Grant2Well friends, even the salaries of the honorable president, parliamentarians, the payments of teachers, doctors and other categories of public and civil servants are known to the people of Ghana. As a citizen of well-functioning democratic political culture, taxpayers have a right to know how their hard-earned money being spent. Also it has reported that a contractual agreement is signed between Coach Grant and GFA (Ghana Football Association). But a question arises that why does such a confidentiality clause essential and why did not they even exist in contracts signed with other former coaches prior to the arrival of Mr. Grant. Hence top spokesperson from worldwide has smirked after going through the recent Ghana sport news at Spy Multimedia Limited ( This kind of activity is not good for both the image and reputation of Ghanaian citizens. As the Black Stars is not a private enterprise, therefore Coach Grant’s salary should be non-disclosure to the Ghanaian public. Keep updated with our news agency to know about the recent occurring of Ghana.


Ghanaian Stars Vacation Date with Lydia Forson Buzz the Entertainment News of Ghana

Empire102.7Fm will host a premier of famous award winning actress Lydia Forson’s solo directed movie “A Letter from Adam” with varieties of movie stars in the oil rich city, Takoradi on 22nd November 2014. It will be a dazzling night in Takoradi as fans can get a chance to see numerous stars in this premier. It will become a first time event in Takoradi which will be a gathering of many Ghanaian stars. This movie premier event will be remained as a benchmark occasion in the Ghana entertainment.
Lydia-ForsonThe amazing red carpet event will be organized at the polytechnic auditorium in Takoradi. The entire program involves autograph, photo-session and also a meet-and-greet session with famous media personalities and actors as well. In fact millions of fans of Lydia Forson have been anticipating this wonderful record-breaking event soon since the beginning of advertisement airing on Empire102.7fm. also they hope to meet other celebrities like Wanlov the Kuborlor, Deborah Vanessa, veteran actress Akorfa Edjeani and many more. The popular movie stars will be present in this grand event to support their loyal friend Lydia Forson whereas other will be for adventure seeking, enjoying coastal sunshine as well as visiting spectacular beaches, resorts and historic destination of this touristic city.

Besides this, the movie ‘’A Letter From Adam” is a romantic drama which is written and directed by famous Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson. This movie was shot in Accra and was released on 19th of September in Accra. The movie offers a true fact that love does not always come in a person’s life as per his/her expectation.

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Suspected Cholera in Bawku Enlists as an Emerging Topic on Ghana Health News

Cholera TreatmentBawku is the capital of Bawku Municipal District in Ghana; it is suspected that three person have so far died of Cholera while 48 patients are being given treatment of the same aliment at health facilities in Municipality. In order to reduce the spread of this epidemic, some of the schools have been shutting down. This hazardous disease has brought a severe impact on Ghana health news; as a result people of Ghana have a fear about spreading of this disease in their locality.Ghana Health Service

According to the report of the Bawku Municipal Health Directorate; the people who were attended a funeral at a community in the Bawku municipality have suffered from Cholera. This news was disclosed by Mrs. Rosemond Azure, Bawku Municipal Health director in an interview carried out by Ghana News Agency on Friday. At her interview, she said that people should get used to clean water and proper sanitation. Mrs. Azure has explained that as cholera is an epidemic, it spreads from people to people because of improper sanitation and has advised to the people that they need to wash their hands before eating as well as after visiting the toilet. She has said that the health directorate was offered pragmatic measures as well as public education on good personal hygiene in community durbars, home visits education and community sensitization to being aware of the outbreak of a disease if they are failed to practice good personal hygiene. The affected communities don’t have any effective health facilities nearer to it; therefore the suspected persons couldn’t get proper medical facilities immediately.

Ghanaian Medical Doctors
The health director was insisted on sending friends and relatives who had Diarrhea and were vomiting continuously to the nearest health care for proper medical support and also make sure that they have Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) in their homes in case of arrival of any emergency situations.

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David Hoezame is now in the Headlines of Ghana Politics

David Hoezame, a renowned personality of Ghana Politics has drawn attention from global political sphere due to his disruptive party activity. He was also the former constituency chairperson of the National patriotic party for Central Tongu branch, Ghana. Last month he had failed to stop the party from the investment of its Super Delegates to minimize the number of presidential aspirants of the party from seven to five. Accra First Track Court on Tuesday has ordered David Hoezame to resort the internal disciplinary structure of the party. This activity of Hoezame has brought Ghana politics shame; as a result international political leaders have got a chance to smirk at Ghana politics news.


However the court had ruled that if he was not satisfied with the internal grievances structure of the party, then he could go to court. Honorable Justice Mr. K.A Ofori Attah said that hoezame had not broken the rule of natural justice by resorting to the court for redress.

Counsel for the Okyenhene Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame had requested the court to award a cost of GH¢20,000 .00 against Hoezame. But he has to pay an award of GH¢1,000.00 as per the court’s order. After the ruling, Mr. Dame had told to the journalists that he was satisfied with the outcomes of court orders.

Mr Peter Dadzie, lawyer of Hoezame had argued that the composition of National Executive Council (NEC) had not properly done and the members were handpicked. It was reported that Hoezame had gone to court challenging against the provision of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the New Patriotic Party (NPP). On June 17 this year, his client had filed writ against NPP alleging that the party had not properly constituted the NEC.

Ghana Politics

Hoezame has lost his petition against the NPP as the honorable court had dismissed two applications he had filed. The first petition filed by Hoezame to restrain the NPP and its chairperson Mr Paul Afoko from holding meetings related to the Super National Delegates Conference. Secondly he had wished for a legal action to stop the super Delegates Conference; but unfortunately both of these were dismissed by the court.

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Ghana Politics is written off by Ex President Rawlings

Former Ghana President’s allegation of his country and party people getting corrupted has seen sharp protest from all the sphere of Ghana politics. The NPP chairman, Kofi Atiemo-Gyan has taken a lead by attacking JJ Rawling’s morality as his administration was complete fail and neck dip in corruption. According to him, Rawlings could have restrained from accusing country men to be corrupted and indiscipline. No other Ghana political leader could be as corrupt and as influential as this ex president. He is involved in selling state owned properties and has executed hundreds of innocent people in the pretext of house cleaning exercise. Many of them were not even properly verified before given death sentence. All the illegal activities of Rawlings has brought local politics disgrace and made international leaders smirk at Ghana politics news.


Many other local political leaders like Atiemo-Gyan also supported Kofi and charged the ex President of encouraging corruption and bringing indiscipline into his own party and Ghana political sector.

“Rawling’s presidential tenure was more corrupted than other party governments in Ghana, Kofi said confidently.

He claimed that many associates of JJ Rawlings acquired properties and became wealthy overnight using corrupt and unethical means in the country. It marked indiscipline at its peak and took corruption to an unexpectedly high level.


In fact, some of his ministers were prosecuted legally and sent to jail for exercising their power wrongly and intentionally causing loss to the country’s finance. It was impossible for them to drive luxury cars and maintain property like rich with the amount of payment these employees got. So, an over corruptive leader like Rawlings should not talk about restoring discipline and sanity in Ghana political affairs and management.

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Top Three Recent News of Ghana

Are you interested in reading the newspaper? Yes, it is a hobby of many people. Of course it is good for the students to read the newspaper daily to collect information about the world which may be beneficial in their career. There are many people who are very much interested to know the news about their country. If you are residing in Ghana, you might be interested to know about the news of this area. This blog will offer you some of the updated news.


Newly appointed ministers

In Ghana, recently there have been a lot of changes in the politics. Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, who was the Minister of Youth and Sports, has been reassigned by President John Dramani Mahama as Minister of State. Likewise, Mr. Mahama Ayariga, the Information Minister has been moved to the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Beside this, a statement was issued by the office of the president that Mr. Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the Minister of State is now appointed as the Minister of Food and Agriculture.

Ghana needs information law to trace looting money

It had been said by the Right to Information coalition that providing information in a timely manner on the activities of the government can expose corruption and can make sure that the money that are looted can be traced. It has been said that the information can be used to resolve the issues of national interest. Beside this, it has given the statement that the information’s on the activities of government, which was retrieved at the earliest possible time, is capable of exposing corruption.

Amenfiman Rural Bank Makes 79% gain

A woman holds 03 July 2007 in Accra a wa

Dr. Toni Aubynn, chairman of the Bank said that the Amenfimam Rural Bank Limited has made a profit of 4,020,732.98 Cedis in the year 2013 as against 2.247.812.19 Ghana Cedis in the year 2012.According to him, this bank has achieved 79 percent growth in profit as a result of sound managerial decisions, empowered and motivated workforce.

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Importance of Online Ghana Newspaper

As the internet bridges distance and places with the technology, it has also become one of the most essential sources of information and means of communication for everyone around the world. The internet has become an important tool for a large number of immigrants to make a research on the countries they are planning to move. In order to move to Ghana, the primary source is the online newspaper.

Here are some of the topics that are usually covered in the newspaper from which you can get a lot of information.

urlPrices of Real Estate in Ghana

Alarming-Stats-About-Homes-In-GhanaAs this is a vital aspect of the country’s economy, major online newspapers in Ghana covers this topic. Here, the online papers provide the prices, offers and properties for sale in any part of the country. This is essential when you are in search of a proper house in Ghana.

Cost of living in Ghana


The cost of living in Ghana mainly depends on the location within the country. The cost of living in some parts of the country is high and in some parts it is less. As an expact it is necessary to do a research before moving to any region of this country. So, by doing a survey on the major newspapers, you can know about the cost of living.

Sports in Ghana

International Friendly: South Africa v GhanaIt is a vital part of the Ghanaian way of life. Some of the sports of Ghana are the boxing, football, golf, hockey, etc. A major part of the Ghana news paper not only carry current and business reports but also reports on sports like football, boxing, golf, etc.

Beside this there are many other information’s. Even you can get information’s about employment opportunities, local taxes, crime rates and other issues.

Once you have all these information’s in your hand, you can easily move to Ghana.

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